Effectively investigating allegations of occupational fraud—including employee malfeasance, theft of intellectual property, vendor fraud, or other suspected misconduct—can help avoid needless litigation and regulatory scrutiny, and maintain focus on the operations of the business. To be successful, the investigation must be individually and precisely scoped and structured, and undertaken by the proper investigative team, capable of legally and ethically identifying and collecting the universe of relevant information, including effectively interviewing witnesses; locating, preserving, and analyzing electronic data; making sense of financial records; and preparing a credible independent report.

Our former prosecutors, forensic accountants, and cyber investigators have decades of experience conducting internal investigations. We have conducted investigations resulting from regulatory inquiries, whistleblower allegations, failed examinations, and concerns raised by audit committees and their counsel, frequently in connection with parallel civil or criminal matters.

Our expert teams have investigated allegations of:

  • Violations of anti-bribery regulations, including the FCPA and UK Bribery Act
  • Money laundering and tax evasion
  • Employee fraud, including self-dealing, kickbacks, and theft of confidential information
  • Vendor fraud
  • Fraudulent billing of government programs or misuse of government funds
  • Distribution fraud and channel stuffing
  • Counterfeit products and gray market goods
  • Violations of import and export regulations, including OFAC sanctions and other trade restrictions

Our professionals have experience in multijurisdictional corporate investigations and have the resources and capabilities to effectively manage data-privacy risk, varying privilege rules across jurisdictions, and the interests of all concerned regulators. They also consult with clients on remediation and compliance strategies to address issues identified during an internal investigation.

Certain investigations are conducted by licensed BRG entities, including: Berkeley Research Group Texas, LLC (A18094); Berkeley Research Group Investigatory Services of Illinois, LLC (Illinois 117001723 and Michigan 3701206962); Berkeley Research Group of Florida, LLC (A 1400243); BRG Investigations, LLC f/k/a Berkeley Research Group Investigatory Services of New York, LLC (11000189295).  

Our industry knowledge is broad and deep.

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