In today’s increasingly complex corporate landscape, businesses are continually challenged to optimize their performance and maximize enterprise value. Global footprints, evolving channels, increasing product customization, growing customer needs, and increasing competition, among other factors, all drive the need for management to proactively seek opportunities to grow the business, mitigate risk, and be well positioned to react rapidly and effectively when market dynamics change. A data-driven approach provides organizations with the information necessary to drive both P&L and balance sheet efficiency.

Our Approach

  • Leverage BRG DRIVE analytics platform to standardize and consolidate disparate company datasets

  • Use advanced algorithms and data visualization techniques to improve visibility into company performance

  • Utilize a data-driven approach to rapidly hone in on performance challenges and identify quick wins

    • Leverage a combination of people-, process-, and technology-oriented solutions to establish a strong foundation for sustainable performance

    • Move beyond a report; develop and deliver tools to implement change

    Benefits of Doing It Well

    • A single set of data used for analysis throughout the company

    • Improved information to assist with decision-making

    • Greater visibility into true business performance

    • Improved DPO and vendor performance

    • Improved DSO and linkages with sales and credit

    • Tighter controls on direct and indirect spend

    • Better understanding of the return on capital spend

    • Greater confidence in cash position and forecast

    • Enhanced access to data, metrics, and management reports

    What We Do

    Value Analytics

    Accurate, consistent, and timely reporting on company activities is enabled by developing a “single version of the truth” from disparate company data, and then leveraging the data to develop sophisticated analytics and reporting that company personnel from executives to analysts can use to support decision-making.

    These standardized and accessible cross-functional data sets allow for the holistic analysis of value-creation activities, often with the assistance of machine-learning algorithms that can rapidly synthesize large amounts of disparate data into actionable insight.

    While our team can adapt to almost any data environment, BRG’s proprietary DRIVE platform offers an integrated suite of tools that simplifies and automates data cleansing and analytical activities, and also provides intuitive and attractive reporting and data visualization outputs. Aligning the organization around a unified dataset and then extrapolating this data into insightful information provides a logical basis with which leadership can identify and buy into strategic initiatives to efficiently increase company value.

    Balance Sheet Efficiency

    Efficiency of the balance sheet is an often-overlooked component of day-to-day operations, in many cases since the accountability for driving balance sheet improvement is unclear.

    From accurate cash forecasting and proactive cash and liquidity management to the effective and efficient management of working capital, a well-managed balance sheet can be used to fund investments in the business, improve vendor and customer performance, and ultimately serve as a significant competitive differentiator, particularly in highly leveraged companies or a rising-interest-rate environment.

    • Cash and liquidity forecasting

    • Accounts Payable optimization and vendor management

    • Accounts Receivable, collections, and customer profitability improvement

    • Capital planning and management

    • Asset performance

    Business Performance Management

    Focusing on optimizing resources and creating a sustainable, cost-effective operating model supports growth and efficiency. In doing so, the finance function can lead or enable a transformation of business performance.

    A data-driven approach to better understand business performance and enable fact-based decision-making is utilized. This may involve defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and value drivers of the business, leveraging financial and operational data to optimize direct and SG&A costs, improve understanding of customer or product performance, and break down functional silos, or facilitating an improved sales and operational planning (S&OP) process to align internal company stakeholders.

    The BRG analytics platform is leveraged to standardize and make data available for analysis, and the team often partners with the Strategy and Operations team to enable a holistic financial and operational business transformation.

    • Performance metrics, measurement, and monitoring

    • Direct and SG&A cost optimization

    • Customer/product/location profitability and related analytics

    • Management reporting design and development

    • Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP)

    • Project/portfolio management

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