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América Latina

Liquidação Judicial

In certain situations, the appointment by a regulator or court of an independent third party to oversee a troubled organization is necessary, particularly when the entity has been used to perpetuate illegal activity and the likelihood of squandering of corporate assets is great. In these instances, it is critical that the team appointed to understand and safeguard the company is experienced in financial investigations, safeguarding electronic information, reconstructing complex financial transactions, preserving assets, and developing a regimen to maintain the viability of the business.

BRG’s multidisciplined teams of experts can secure an organization, gather electronic data and documents, assess the company’s financial health, investigate fraud and malfeasance, locate hidden or misappropriated corporate assets, develop strategies to capitalize on the company’s value, and distribute assets appropriately to the relevant stakeholders. They act earnestly and decisively, preserving value and maximizing opportunities for creditors, employees, and shareholders.

Finally, during the course of a receivership, it may be necessary to place the entity into bankruptcy. BRG experts have advised companies with filing for bankruptcy, hiring bankruptcy counsel, and working with appointed bankruptcy trustees to ensure the orderly distribution of assets to creditors and victims, in the instance of fraud or malfeasance.

BRG is expert at safeguarding assets, investigating malfeasance, and maximizing shareholder value in troubled companies.

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