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Integridade & Compliance

Courts, regulators, and corporations frequently turn to experienced, independent third parties to oversee settlement agreements, including deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs), non-prosecution agreements (NPAs), consent orders, and other instances where an organization’s corporate governance or compliance systems fail and regulators step in. BRG’s Global.i experts have experience monitoring entities subject to a settlement agreement or consent order. They can readily assess the organization, make recommendations for improvement, and report on the implementation of the required operational and organizational changes.

Our multidisciplined monitoring teams include former federal prosecutors, cyber specialists, computer forensics and technology experts, data analytics professionals, and forensic accountants who have established reputations with courts, regulators, and other government agencies around the world.

Our experts have been engaged as monitors and independent compliance consultants in the financial services, education services, construction, manufacturing, gaming, and pharmaceutical industries in response to violations of trade practices, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions regulations, money laundering, and other violations of banking regulations, as well as breaches of anti-bribery and corruption laws. Our deep experience and tested methodologies in these matters assist courts and regulators in determining that bad conduct has ceased, corrective measures have been fully implemented, and all provisions of a given settlement agreement are satisfied.

BRG is well positioned to expertly and cost-effectively monitor financial institutions and other complicated corporate entities. We have deep industry expertise, multidisciplinary teams, and a proven record of overseeing settlement agreements and deferred prosecution agreements.

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