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Latin America

Data Science & Analytics

Organizations are storing and processing more voluminous and disparate data to develop new insights and capitalize on opportunities for growth. From new sources—such as Big Data, cloud systems, and social media—to traditional data warehouses and mainframe databases, the corporate data landscape continues to expand exponentially and become more nuanced as organizations seek competitive advantages in the data-driven economy. But these data sources are often complex and can increase an organization’s exposure if not managed properly. The perils to data-driven organizations include the concealed misappropriation of corporate assets, vendor fraud, financial mismanagement, regulatory breaches, and other issues posed by massive data sets. BRG professionals have extensive experience assisting with data science and analytics.

Computer Forensics

In our technology-reliant economy, unique challenges are presented by risks such as globalized information sharing with business partners and other third parties, increased intrusion activities from foreign state actors and organized cybercriminals, rogue employees with access to critical intellectual property, and the ubiquitous connectivity and portability of data. Balancing the desire to protect sensitive corporate and personal confidential information with the need to retain, access, and share it for business and legal or regulatory purposes creates a tension that can expose an organization to unanticipated liabilities and even threaten its existence.

BRG regularly performs preliminary assessments, scoping, and consulting services to address critical client needs, and can provide rapid on-site deployment to conduct data collections and other technology-related services, including detailed analysis, reporting, and eDiscovery. Our technologies, methods, and practices are rigorously tested for defensibility before courts and regulators.

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