Latin America

Latin America

Business Intelligence

Successful business transactions generally start with a deep understanding of counterparties, prospective partners, acquisition targets, and potential investments. The principal objective of BRG’s business intelligence investigations is to obtain detailed information and actionable intelligence on a prospective business partner and/or its key principals, both to verify backgrounds and credentials and to discover potentially hidden risks of doing business with the target individual or organization.

Due Diligence (OFAC, PEP, Reputational Investigative, and Self- and Background Diligence) 

The principal objective of BRG’s due diligence investigations is to provide clients with a critical analysis prior to undertaking a business decision such as a merger or acquisition, a major product purchase/sale, litigation, or other high-risk activity on behalf of an organization or individual. Types of due diligence include: background screening, third-party/intermediary, integrity/financial, proxy, business intelligence, reputational investigative, and self-due diligence.

Proxy Litigation

BRG works with clients to develop a strategy to win shareholder support. Our team of former prosecutors, former SEC officials, investigative journalists, and researchers identifies valuable information about opponents in a proxy battle, providing documentation and insight to share with stakeholders and regulators. We can also help clients assess their own vulnerabilities, enabling them to anticipate attacks and be prepared to respond.

Our professionals can provide investigative and strategic consulting support to companies engaged in a variety of disputes. In addition to providing support in shareholder disputes, our experts have experience working with clients in matters involving accounting fraud and employee malfeasance, theft of intellectual property, product liability class actions, environmental claims, and antitrust claims.

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