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Proactive Consulting Services

Managing the overall project budget, construction schedule, procurement processes, compliance requirements, internal and external communications, risk mitigation activities and stakeholder reporting are critical for a successful project. BRG’s customized services assist clients in identifying, quantifying, mitigating and monitoring capital project risks.

Claims Preparation/Analysis

Our experts possess the practical and industry experience necessary to assist project managers with reviewing, negotiating and closing out claims. Delays and disruptions during construction projects are common, and the involved parties often need to efficiently and effectively determine the root cause of a claim, link the interference to a specific impact, and determine the legitimacy of the associated claimed cost. BRG professionals are experienced in evaluating claims and negotiating with contractors, architects, engineers, and other third parties to timely resolve their demands.

Owner Capital Program Stewardship and Management Services

We advise on building and scaling an organization’s operational and compliance structures to undertake a capital program or project. We can also augment management’s resources, project procedures, processes and controls, and technology.

Project Risk Advisory Services

Our experts review the risks associated with a capital program or project on behalf of an investment group, financial institution, owner, or contractor in order to inform the terms of agreements and negotiations; as well as review them for consistency with the organization’s compliance and business plans. Our professionals set up the overall budget and schedule, and conduct interim reviews against agreed-upon benchmarks. A review of the budget, cost, schedule, and project controls systems will ensure that risks are identified as early as possible so that they may be quantified, mitigated, and monitored.

Contractor Pre-Construction Advisory Services

Our experts provide process assistance, cost control assistance, schedule control assistance, change management, claims preparation, and training to ensure that project status is effectively and transparently communicated in accordance with agreements and to enhance the ability of the team to proactively manage the project

Transition from Construction to Operations

Our experts will act as the bridge between the construction team and operational team, which will manage the functional facility after completion. During this stage, additional planning will be needed to successfully fit up, commission, test, receive appropriate approvals from the authorities having jurisdiction, move in, and tune the various systems after final occupancy.

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