Market Entry and Political Risk

Our professionals develop lists of stakeholders—both direct and indirect—who may be able and willing to help clients entering markets or dealing with government-related disputes especially in emerging markets. Information on stakeholders, along with their intent and capability to influence, is an important aspect of a potential investment or dealing with disputes.

BRG works regularly with companies and organisations that operate in or are looking to expand into high-risk jurisdictions throughout the world. Our professionals are adept at assisting clients in evaluating a political, regulatory, compliance, reputational, operational and physical safety, and financial risks, all of which can adversely impact the ability of an organisation to be profitable in a given market. Our teams of experts work with clients to develop customised mitigation strategies that address the unique characteristics of a given jurisdiction.

Our services include:

  • Country-Specific Risk Assessments
  • Emerging Market Strategy
  • Political Risk Analysis
  • Stakeholder Mapping


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