Nora del Pilar Hernandez

Associate Director


Nora del Pilar Hernandez is a professional in organizational psychology with specialization in legal psychology. She has extensive experience on corporate and security investigations. Her experience includes more than twenty years as an advisor and consultant on security and intelligence.

Ms. Hernandez is a polygraphist who was formed and trained by the Center for Research and National Security of Mexico (Cisen), work she has developed over eighteen years. In the Administrative Security Department (DAS) of Colombia, she worked as a psychologist, intelligence officer, instructor, coordinator, polygraph, control agent, and teacher for ten years.

Previously, Ms. Hernandez was director of Training and Dissemination in the National Institute for Research and Prevention of Fraud (INIF); manager of the firm Ser y Estrategia, where she specialized in research and strategic intelligence; and director in a global business advisory firm. She has also been an instructor at the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) and an independent consultant in integrated and strategic management of research focused on risk mitigation and conducting polygraph assessments and interviews at corporate and individual levels.

Ms. Hernández has also received intensive training as an interviewer and has been certified by the US Department of Justice in basic and advanced interview techniques. She also attended a program on “Advanced Interview Techniques” given by ICITAP. She later became a training instructor for both the Department of Justice and ICITAP. Recently, she was an instructor for a program funded by the British Embassy for officials and authorities dedicated to drug control in the Dominican Republic. 


Santo Tomas de Aquino University
Specialization in legal psychology, 2001
BA, Psychology, 1995

Employment History

Independent consultant
2011 - 2015

FTI Consulting
2009 - 2011

Ser & Estrategia Asesores EU
2008 - 2009

National Institute of Investigation and Fraud Prevention
Director of training and divulgation
2007 - 2008


Professional Affiliations

American Polygraph Association

Latin-American Polygraph Association

Colombian Association of Polygraph Professionals