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Ilhwan Yum

Associate Director


Ilhwan Yum specializes in cyber security and investigations. He was previously a special agent with the FBI for more than six years and spent his entire law enforcement career working on cyber matters. As an FBI cyber agent, he investigated and provided technical support to a number of high-profile, groundbreaking cases, including financial system breaches, criminal use of online anonymizing tools and virtual currencies, and botnets.

In particular, Mr. Yum worked on the prosecutions of an international criminal ring that employed a sophisticated cyber-attack on US banking infrastructure to steal millions of dollars; global fraud schemes that used notorious malware known as “Zeus” and “Gozi” to steal thousands of victims’ online banking credentials; a multimillion-dollar computer botnet based in Eastern Europe that facilitated massive online advertising fraud; the leadership of the LulzSec and AntiSec “hacktivist” crews, which attacked the computer networks of businesses and governments worldwide; the owners and operators of the billion-dollar anonymous online drug marketplace known as “Silk Road”; and the “Blackshades” organization, which sold a sophisticated form of malicious spyware to thousands of individuals in more than one hundred countries. In connection with his work on the Silk Road case, Mr. Yum was responsible for securely seizing and transferring more than 177,000 Bitcoins (worth more than $100 million at current valuations), the largest Bitcoin seizure ever.

Mr. Yum has a comprehensive knowledge of electronic payments, including payment processors and processing systems, point-of-sale (POS) terminals (hardware and software), and how criminals leverage the gaps to facilitate fraud. He gained experience through investigating ATM network compromises, physical POS device tampering, manipulation of virtual POS terminal codes, and exploiting back-end processor authentication weaknesses. Additionally, he successfully operated a two-year FBI undercover investigation targeting “carders” across thirteen countries, trading in personally identifiable information on underground markets.

Mr. Yum also has extensive technical knowledge and training. He is an FBI-certified Digital Extraction Technician certified to seize, search, and forensically copy electronically stored evidence. He was a member of the FBI’s elite national Cyber Action Team, which is deployed to assist FBI field offices in complex cyber investigations.

Before joining the FBI, Mr. Yum was employed as a senior programmer and data analyst on an in-house investigatory team at a global financial institution based in New York.

Mr. Yum is fluent in written and spoken Korean.


University of Rochester
BA, Economics, 2002

Employment History

FTI Consulting
Senior Director
2014 - 2015

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Special Agent
2008 - 2014

Bear, Stearns & Co.
Vice President
2003 - 2008


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