Steven Shi specializes in conducting complex research and consulting assignments involving business intelligence, due diligence investigations, and pre-IPO and other risk consulting services in mainland China.

Mr. Shi, a Berkeley Research Group Director based in Beijing, has been involved in a large number of risk managing assignments for multinationals in mainland China and abroad, and has supported Chinese firms with their overseas investments. These have included risk mitigation and pre-transactional due diligence projects for M&A practices, as well as advisory services. He has considerable expertise in addressing problems in corporate distribution and procurement systems.

Before joining BRG, Mr. Shi spent twelve years as the managing director at a large US consulting firm, three years as a news assistant at the Asian Wall Street Journal’s Beijing office, and three years as an associate director with the US-China Business Council.

Mr. Shi has contributed articles to the Asian Wall Street Journal, China Business Review, and China International Business Daily on China’s investment environment, mainland Chinese-listed companies, the development of the Chinese distribution industry, China’s social security network, and issues related to corporate governance and foreign investment.

Mr. Shi has an MBA in finance from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland in the United States. He speaks fluent Mandarin and English.

Areas of Expertise


Johns Hopkins University
MBA, Finance