Glauber Almeida has twenty years of experience in engineering, contract administration, and management, with a focus on the preparation and defense of claims, construction risks, critical analysis of contracts, executive planning and budget, and schedule execution management.

He has broad experience in project management and risk and claim management; expert witness services; independent technical arbitration reports; legal reports; and technical expert reports in engineering, costs, economics, and technical support in dispute board and mediation proceedings.

Mr. Almeida is qualified and has served as a technical advisor in arbitrations and courts of justice in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Mr. Almeida’s industry experience includes oil and gas (both onshore and offshore construction projects), infrastructure, energy, transportation, industrial manufacturing, and sanitation. He has experience in large and complex project development and management for clients including multinational corporations, oil and gas transportation companies, fuel distribution companies, utilities, nuclear power and renewable energy companies, and rapid transit systems.

Mr. Almeida has participated in the elaboration of technical-contractual and economic-financial reports for mediation and preparation of arbitration at the Center for Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil–Canada (CAM-CCBC) and technical assistance in arbitration at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce in Colombia.

Mr. Almeida also has experience in the organization and leadership of multidisciplinary teams in contract administration on large-scale, complex Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC) projects. His assignments have included:

  • Contract administration involving contract risk analysis, project controls, managing and monitoring the phases of engineering, and execution of finalized scope of work through construction and commissioning phases.
  • Defense and preparation of claims, including analysis of impact to time and cost of contract performance due to changes; drafting and negotiating of amendments to contract scopes of work; and preparation of DFPs (Demonstrativo de Formação de Preços) – Price Formation Statement/Lawsuits.
  • Contract cost management, with substantial experience in productivity analysis.
  • Implementation of Program and Project Execution Standards and Procedures for a semi-public Brazilian multinational petroleum corporation in areas including corporate governance, compliance, internal controls, and corporate risk.
  • Development and implementation of project planning and project controls through all phases of a project, from mobilizing contractors on site through assisting customer with facilities operations.
  • Project document management and control, comprising development of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), preparation of a detailed construction schedule, conducting weekly meetings and status updating the schedule, identifying schedule and cost deviations and proposed corrective measures, evaluating and measuring productivity, monitoring resource and equipment requirements (expected and actual), and preparing anticipated billings, supply plans, physical and financial progress curves, and monthly reports.
  • Development of contract management executive procedures, including a master construction plan, contract risk analysis, project planning, project controls, payment procedures, and plans for the mitigation of rain impacts.
  • Analysis of design for component integration and consistency across disciplines, and preparation of Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) details in the disciplines of instrumentation and automation.
  • Conducted technical and commercial meetings and meetings involving negotiation of sub-supplier contracts and coordination of sub-contractors.
  • Participated in working groups responsible for:
    • Construction budgets
    • Risk analysis of EPCC
    • Master plan development for construction
    • Constructability review
    • Development of tools for planning and project controls (based on PMI protocols and standards)
    • Standards/procedures SGI (Integrated Management System)
    • Commercial oil and gas and energy company strategic planning

Employment History

C2G International – Criterium
Executive director

HILL International Inc.
Executive consultant

Join Venture – Consortium UFN3 – GALVÃO Engenharia SA / SINOPEC Petroleum
Contract administration, risk & claim manager
2012 – 2014

GALVÃO Engenharia SA
Contract administration manager

Contract & claims engineer

ALTUS Industrial Automation Systems SA
Project manager, costs, claims & risks
1997 – 2009

Areas of Expertise