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Clifford Wright, Jr.

Managing Director

Clifford Wright testifies on customary and ordinary standard-of-care issues facing officers, directors, partners, agents, and fiduciaries.

His testimony provides the trier of fact with his specialized knowledge gleaned through:

  • Experience with governance as a director, officer, manager, and minority and majority member in both private and public companies
  • Experience in management of public and private startup businesses
  • Experience as a chief executive officer and chief financial officer of public and private companies
  • Former regional director of corporate finance for an international accounting firm
  • Education, training, and certification as a Governance Fellow, the highest certification offered by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), an organization devoted exclusively to proper company governance and proper standard of care
  • Drafting, operating under, and interpreting all forms of governance agreements
  • Qualification as an SEC-defined Audit Committee Financial Expert
  • Experience researching and testifying in customary and ordinary standards of care litigation, especially regarding:
    • Allegations of misconduct
    • Possible related-party transactions
    • Possible conflicts of interest
    • Interpretations of all sections of company agreements, including disclosure, compensation, termination, duties, and expiration sections
    • Materiality to an investor/shareholder, and standards of care in applying customary and ordinary duties of care and loyalty and the application of the business judgment rule to company, director, manager, agent, officer, and fiduciary actions

Professional Affiliations

National Association of Corporate Directors
Board Leadership Fellow; Governance Fellow

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants


NACD Board Leadership Fellow

Community/Civic Involvement

reVision, Inc.
Director for a nonprofit serving at-risk youth

Areas of Expertise


University of Texas, Austin
MBA, Finance