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Summer 2017

Fortune Favors the Resilient

By now, every company is innovative, all top executives are nimble and every industry is in a historic transition. Why, then, develop another magazine for business executives?

One answer is that “history” is a staple of business education. Magazines, cases and analyst commentary are rear-facing indicators. Although that’s helpful, we prefer an active verb for managing organizations in today’s dynamic, always connected and uncertain world.

With ThinkSet, our goal is to decode events from today’s business and corporate headlines with expert advice and big-picture thinking that is worth the most valuable asset you have: TIME.


Based on real-world experience with clients and partners, we’ll offer a deeper understanding for what is happening on your continent and in your field. The knowledge and expertise will be matched with concise, pertinent material you can put to work straightaway.

Today’s relevant managerial skills need to adapt. You are in constant motion, so this ‘magazine’ is designed to be quick, insightful and connected—to our partners, a management podcast and other resources at your disposal.

From more than 40 offices worldwide, Berkeley Research Group supplies advisory services to companies and organizations with a global perspective and adaptive fact-centered approach that inform every engagement.

One example is this launch issue, which explores the balance of data use for competitive advantage and control and security of that data. Cyber security can also be a metaphor as every organization seeks the ideal mix of safety, free-flowing information and cutting-edge technology.


Companies, government agencies and service providers all must sense and respond faster than ever in circumstances where there are many unknown unknowns. We’ll provide lessons from leaders and industries by integrating a team of professional business journalists and experts worldwide. Our readers include management thinkers from the C-suite to the board of directors who want to know how successful organizations are shaping the future rather than becoming victims of unforeseen circumstances.

ThinkSet will examine ways of creating new value and retaining community values, understanding the capacity, capabilities and care that shape our daily work lives in companies, nonprofit groups and government agencies.

Of course, there are always black swans emanating from changing government policies and shifting technologies.

Your comments and feedback are welcomed on this quarterly, and we hope you’ll exchange experiences in a column or podcast. The goal is a shared resource and an active, engaged community of deep thinkers and action-oriented advisors and executives.

Away we go.

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