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The Business Case for the Digital Makeover

Summer 2017
Arun Shukla
BRG ThinkSet

Big Data, IoT, Analytics open new vistas for customer experience and operational jumpstart

You may never taste the data bits that are a key ingredient in Domino’s Pizza. They are baked into the company, changing over time as hungry customers moved their ordering from landline phone to Web to cellphone to mobile app. These days, 60% of pizza orders come from mobile devices, apps, Facebook—anywhere but a home phone.

Domino’s “Pizza Tracker” engages the customer in a novel way by providing real-time updates from order to delivery. That’s pretty interactive for dough, cheese, toppings and heat. It’s a new approach to the basic job of making food. 

Other examples are drawn from the auto repair shop sending you a video and email of your vehicle while it’s being fixed. Or home delivery of custom, made-to-measure clothing that is displacing mall-based retail stores. There are countless reinventions going on that have potential to alter our daily experiences. 

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