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Berkeley Research Group Adds Global Strategic Growth Advisory Firm Phronesis Group

February 20, 2018
BRG press release

Berkeley Research Group announced today that it has expanded its global strategy and advisory capabilities with the addition of Phronesis Group, LLC, a strategic growth advisory firm, whose team will conduct business as Phronesis BRG. 

Phronesis BRG offers an integrated advisory solution to inform, guide, execute and measure global growth strategies, backed by a proven business-analytics formula and methodology for integrating across enterprise silos. Phronesis BRG’s enterprise-wide approach addresses problems that often occur when partial solutions—provided by other consultative services, IT systems integrators, researchers and advertising agencies—become frozen at the execution phase due to the absence of an integration process and an effective stakeholder governance model.

The Phronesis BRG approach integrates these disparate avenues at the executive-branch level, ensuring better coordination to enhance business performance. Phronesis BRG offers analytics-based strategic advice and growth coaching to C-suite executives and government ministry clients.

“As we looked at the next phase of BRG’s growth and evolution, we sought additional consulting partners that would help us provide ‘start-to-finish’ service, drawing on our big data capabilities. The Phronesis team is a perfect fit for BRG’s platform and culture, as well as for our clients’ multilayered needs,” said BRG Chairman and Principal Executive Officer David J. Teece. “Phronesis BRG will provide clients with strategic growth guidance to drive global expansion and manage big data opportunities. Together, we can help clients find and mine the most valuable data, as well as translate and interpret data into insight. This enables us to better understand a client’s forward growth opportunities.” 

Partnering with clients closely throughout key phases of strategy, implementation and execution, Phronesis BRG offers a market-tested and globally proven process that has given C-suites and governments the knowledge necessary to achieve growth and economic success within diverse competitive markets. 

“We created Phronesis many years ago to answer and deliver against a market services gap, created by market demand, that wasn’t being met,” said Jeffrey Hupe, Global Head of Phronesis BRG. “Clients were asking, ‘How can today’s massive amount of data be captured to enable global growth for our businesses and drive economic guidance for our developing countries?’ Clients desire strategy work to be completed with true execution guidance, coupled with the metrics to back up the work, and the world-renowned researchers and economists at BRG give us the scale and leading expertise to help our clients achieve greater shareholder value.” 

For more information about Phronesis BRG, please visit the website at www.phronesisgrp.com

About Phronesis BRG Leadership

Jeffrey Hupe serves as Managing Director and Global Head of Phronesis BRG, where he will lead the strategic direction and global growth of the practice. He brings over 20 years of global management experience as a general manager, team builder, strategic executive, management consultant and services integration and corporate governance specialist who aids growth planning while establishing operational excellence in global markets. With his global teams, Hupe has helped the chief executive office and government ministry clients solve complex business and economic growth challenges. He has expertise across virtually every global business vertical and geography. Before the founding of Phronesis Group, where Hupe served as CEO, he served as Managing Director and Global Head of the Strategic Growth Advisory & Restructuring Practice at Huron Consulting Group and as Managing Director, Global Strategy and Integration for The Nielsen Company.

Vincent Legg serves as Phronesis BRG’s Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer and brings more than 20 years of management experience on both the creative and financial operations sides of the business. Throughout his partnership at CISE—Creative Ideas… Superior Execution, as COO at international marketing firm Dentsu and at global advertising firm Havas, Legg leaned on his broad experience in all facets of advertising to spearhead and integrate over a dozen acquisitions and new office openings. His international experience spans four continents, including work in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Chapin Mower serves as Phronesis BRG’s Managing Director and Chief Client Service Officer, where he will help build the global clients service team to interact and manage relationships with C-suite members throughout the Fortune 500. Before joining Phronesis Group, he founded the entertainment company Mowalla and most recently CISE, where he built a successful business while simultaneously and personally serving clients on hundreds of high-stakes investments, including the National Football League’s Super Bowl and All-Star Game executions.

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