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Former SEC Inspector General David Kotz Joins Berkeley Research Group

August 13, 2012
Press release

Global expert services and consulting firm Berkeley Research Group has added David Kotz as a director in the Financial Institutions practice in the firm’s Washington, DC, office. Mr. Kotz was the Inspector General of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 2007 until earlier this year. During his tenure at the SEC, he authored the landmark, widely publicized report investigating the failure of the SEC to uncover Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Mr. Kotz also authored numerous high-profile reports of investigation while at the SEC concerning, among others, a $7 billion alleged Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Allen Stanford, an SEC settlement of enforcement action against Bank of America, and alleged SEC coordination with Congress and the White House concerning the timing of the bringing of an enforcement action against Goldman Sachs & Co. In addition, he authored a landmark audit report analyzing the SEC’s oversight of Bear Stearns and the reasons for its collapse. He has testified before Congress, including televised appearances before the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee regarding the Madoff Ponzi scheme. He also previously served as Inspector General of the Peace Corps.

“I am delighted to join BRG’s Financial Institutions practice and work among many of the top experts in the industry,” said Mr. Kotz. “I look forward to drawing on my experience to advise clients with their most complex regulatory matters.”

Charles Lundelius, whom Mr. Kotz had asked to lead the team investigating the SEC’s failure to uncover the Madoff Ponzi scheme, added: “It is an honor to have David as a colleague, and a testament to the strength of BRG’s Financial Institutions practice that he has chosen to join our firm.”

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