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BRG Capital Advisors, LLC Guides Atlys Global Finance, LLC on $500 Million Committed Senior Debt Facility

August 21, 2018
BRG press release

BRG Capital Advisors, LLC served as the advisor to Atlys Global Finance, LLC, which closed a $500 million committed senior debt facility with a large institutional investor for their Federal Contracting Financing Program (FCFP). FCFP is a response to the substantial need by contractors working in the disaster recovery space. The program provides immediate access to capital through a revolving credit line to contractors that have performed government-approved work. The funding vehicle allows contractors the ability to procure work without the worry of being able to carry project costs for extended periods of time. 

“This partnership will leverage our years of experience serving the disaster recovery industry and provide much-needed capital to areas around the United States that are rebuilding after a natural disaster,” said Frank Robinson, president of Atlys Global Finance. “We are positioned to be the leading provider of capital to contractors that are rebuilding disaster areas.” 

For more information on the FCFP, please visit www.atlysglobal.com.

About Atlys Global Finance, LLC

Atlys Global Finance is a leading management platform for their unique Federal Contracting Financing Program (FCFP) in disaster recovery efforts. Atlys Global Finance is currently focused on lending in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Atlys Global Finance is headquartered in New Jersey with offices in Puerto Rico and Chicago.

About BRG Capital Advisors, LLC

BRG Capital Advisors (www.BRGCA.com) is a US-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC. Its seasoned investment bankers have worked on a wide variety of transactions for financial institutions and corporate clients. BRGCA is an affiliate of Berkeley Research Group, LLC.

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