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World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit

November 15-16, 2017
San Francisco, California

On November 16, Arun Shukla discussed "Rational Innovation in the Sports Arena: A Playbook Approach to Winning the Future" as part of the End-to-End VR Solutions stream. The sports industry is caught in catch-up mode when it comes to leveraging technology for attracting, engaging, retaining, and growing its fan base. It's high time now to leapfrog—but there is no silver bullet; experimentation is going to prove not only costly but time consuming, and it does not guarantee success. This discussion provided a rational, innovative approach to building winnable 'use cases' and 'the Zeality platform' for rapid deployment, real-time validation from the fan base, and building a monetization playbook.

BRG co-sponsored the panel and discussion.

Visit the event page.

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