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20th Annual Southeastern Seaboard Emergency Nurses Symposium

March 21-23, 2019
Virginia Beach, Virginia

On March 22, Nicholas Chmielewski and Jason Moretz will discuss “Boarders, Boarders Everywhere – Who’s Gonna Pay for Them and Why I Should Care?” Topics will include basic macroeconomic principles and why improved productivity through positive technological change is important for economic prosperity and health; the definition of “ED Boarder” and methodologies used to calculate boarder time; and accounting for nursing staff hours to care for boarding patients.

Mr. Moretz will also present “Models of ED Arrival Processes: Which Is Best for You?” Topics will include the three models of emergency department arrival processes—medical screening exam and discharge, provider-in-triage, and split-flow; the synergistic effect each model has with one another and their challenges; and which model(s) may be right for an ED.

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