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Capital Projects & Construction

The successful execution of a capital project requires significant advanced planning and a thorough assessment of the company’s existing governance and compliance resources and management structures. Managing the overall project budget, construction schedule, procurement processes, compliance requirements, internal and external communications, risk mitigation activities, and stakeholder reporting are critical for a successful capital project.

BRG’s team of industry experts serves owners, financiers, contractors, design professionals, sureties, insurance organizations, and legal counsel. We improve the delivery of construction projects by customizing proven processes and project management technologies that enhance collaboration among project stakeholders. BRG services are scaled to meet an organization’s needs.

Our experts have experience in both the field and the project management office, are accustomed to working with all levels of management throughout the project lifecycle, and can be engaged on an as-needed basis or to provide complete project management and control services.

Publications & Events

  • Miami | FL - March 12–14, 2018

    BRG is a sponsor of FIBA's (Florida Bankers Association) annual AML Compliance Conference, the preeminent educational, networking, and information exchange forum on anti-money-laundering compliance, where current trends and issues affecting the financial services industry are discussed by industry leaders, global advisors, and government regulators.

  • Coral Gables | FL - April 16–17, 2018

    BRG is a sponsor of the World Strategic Forum, presented by the International Economic Forum of the Americas. Its mission is to address the major governance challenges of the new world economic order, focusing on the central role of the Americas and in the global market. 



We are experienced in and have served clients within the following industries;

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Mining & Metals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Ports & Maritime Construction
  • Power Generation & Transmission
  • Public–Private Partnerships
  • Transportation & Infrastructure

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