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BRG Latin America combines both subject-matter and industry expertise with individuals who possess a deep knowledge and understanding of the varied cultures and business practices that exist throughout Central and South America, as well as throughout the Caribbean. Headquartered in Miami, with six offices across the region, our multicultural and multilingual team includes over one hundred professionals, who include former investigators from law enforcement agencies, intelligence specialists, fraud experts and forensic accounts, banking and financial regulatory experts, and investment advisors, as well as engineers and construction experts.

Miami | FL - March 12–14, 2018

BRG was a sponsor of FIBA's (Florida Bankers Association) annual AML Compliance Conference, the preeminent educational, networking, and information exchange forum on anti-money-laundering compliance, where current trends and issues affecting the financial services industry were discussed by industry leaders, global advisors, and government regulators.

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Services Overview

  • Global.i provides companies, their counsel, and other advisors with the critical information necessary to make well-informed business and legal decisions. Our bespoke solutions leverage multidisciplinary teams with skills and experience in internal investigations, forensic accounting, fraud investigations, forensic data analytics, investigative due diligence, and business intelligence.

  • BRG’s team of industry experts serves owners, financiers, contractors, design professionals, sureties, insurance organizations, and legal counsel. We improve the delivery of construction projects by customizing proven processes and project management technologies that enhance collaboration among project stakeholders.

  • BRG Corporate Finance professionals have advised in some of the most complex corporate domestic and international matters. Our broad experience and superior service, coupled with our personal, hands-on approach to client service, have benefited hundreds of clients—from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies—in a wide array of industries.

About Us

BRG Latin America

In Latin America, Managing Director and Regional Head Frank Holder has established offices and built experienced, multilingual teams in Mexico City, Panama City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, San Juan, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. He is a veteran investigator and consultant and has directed thousands of investigations, managed security assignments, and provided consulting advice to clients in Latin America and around the world for over twenty years. His management team includes:

  • Formerly a practicing attorney and Colombian intelligence officer, judge, and federal law enforcement professional, Laude Jose Fernandez, a Managing Director in Bogota who has expertise in security, intelligence, fraud investigations, and risk mitigation throughout Latin America.
  • Ernesto Carrasco Ramírez, a Managing Director in Mexico City, who is a former prosecutor with decades of experience managing complex cross-border investigations and has managed large business intelligence, strategic, and risk-analysis projects for public and private entities.
  • Managing Director Denise Debiasi, a forensic accountant with expertise in anti-bribery and corruption, who splits her time between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The Latin America team also includes:

  • Managing Director Matias Nahon, a corporate investigations and management consultant in Buenos Aires.
  • Arnold Castillo, a Managing Director in BRG’s Miami office and a security and business intelligence expert who consults with clients on risk management issues.
  • Managing Director Richard Fogarty, a former practicing attorney and investigator with decades of experience conducting multidisciplined investigations throughout Latin America.
  • Matias Mora Simoes, a forensic accountant and Managing Director in Panama City, who has nearly twenty years of experience providing investigative and intelligence services, including anti-bribery and corruption investigations, unwinding financial frauds, undertaking due diligence, and conducting money-laundering reviews and establishing prevention programs.

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