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ThinkSet Reimagined—and More than 2.0

Phil Rowley

May 30, 2019

At BRG, delivering insights to business leaders and big thinkers around the world is an important part of our work—and a big reason why ThinkSet exists. To do that more effectively and in a timelier manner that helps our clients and readers stay ahead of what’s next, we’re embracing a greater digital strategy, increasing this publication’s online presence, providing more on-the-go content, bringing in more outside contributors and adding to the variety of formats.

That last category includes my new podcast, Intelligence That Works, which debuted earlier this month—with Episode 2 days away from release. In Episode 1, I spoke with Jaime Diaz of the Golf Channel, discussing everything from Tiger Woods’ famous stubbornness (and Jack Nicklaus’ self-sufficiency) to the amazing preparation Jaime and his colleagues do to prepare for shows like The 19th Hole.

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