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The Fight Against Climate Change Has No Quick or Easy Answers

November 14, 2019

But the next 30 years will be crucial to move from carbon-based fuels to renewable energy sources, says BRG’s Bradford Cornell.

Bradford Cornell, who teaches and writes about energy and finance, is often asked about climate change solutions, and specifically whether the world can move completely to renewable energy in the near future.

His answer is always “no.”

But Cornell’s view is more realistic than pessimistic. He believes that while moving completely off carbon would be nearly impossible in the short term, business and governmental leaders can take smart and deliberate steps to set a course for a world much less reliant on fossil fuels by mid-century. That’s part of the reason why Cornell and others recently formed BRG’s Commerce and Climate Change practice group.

We spoke with Cornell about challenges and opportunities in moving away from carbon-based fuels.

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