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The Drive for Q4 Retail Success

Keith Jelinek, Rick Maicki, and Rich Vitaro

October 4, 2018

The retail industry has seen its share of upheaval and disruption recently. Evolving consumer demographics, technology advancements, new competition, and the continued impact of online shopping demand innovation and flexibility from retailers looking to satisfy the preferences of today’s omni-channel consumer. The winners for this holiday season will be not just those that have strong strategic and operational plans in place for the holidays, but also those that are nimble and make real-time adjustments to address competitive dynamics and unexpected challenges that arise as retailers race to satisfy consumer demands.

The upcoming holidays promise to be interesting and demanding for many retailers. Merchants and marketers continue to innovate and adapt as they look to find the sweet spot for shoppers, and like last year, some retailers will emerge from the holidays feeling good about their performance. Others will be left scratching their heads and barrel into 2019 trying to figure out how to better align their operations to meet the demands of the challenging retail environment.

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