Publication | ThinkSet, issue 7

Healthcare in China and India Is Ripe for Investment - But Mind the Risks

Stuart Witchell

Winter 2019

Large populations plus an infrastructure in need of an update equal a bright time for investment.

As many Asian economies rush to modernize, investors are watching closely, looking for the most promising—and safest—ways to share in the growth ahead. Few if any sectors offer more potential than healthcare.

By 2022, India’s healthcare market is expected to grow to $370 billion. In China, that number is expected to be $1 trillion. And while those figures are impossible to ignore, investors should also be aware of the risks.

China and India account for a third of the world’s population, meaning healthcare reforms in those countries will transform the entire global health industry. The private sector will play a big part in that, making it a great time to invest in these countries, whether it be in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostics or insurance. And thankfully, both the Indian and Chinese governments encourage foreign direct investment (FDI) in healthcare.