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Data Security and the Constant Threat of Cyber Attacks

Denise Debiasi

May 10, 2021

In January 2021, there were two huge data leaks in Brazil. One exposed information such as names, dates of birth, vehicle data, and CNPJ (business tax registration numbers) of more than forty million companies, information that is circulating free of charge on the internet. The other exposed information about education, INSS (social security information), social programs enrollment, and income, among others.

The two leaks together contained:

  • Basic data relating to CPF (individual tax payer identity)
  • Addresses
  • Facial photos
  • Credit score, income, bad checks, and other financial information
  • Income tax of individuals
  • Data from telephony services
  • Educational information
  • INSS benefits
  • Data relating to public servants
  • LinkedIn information

On February 10, 103 million accounts were leaked from Brazilian mobile operators, making information such as mobile phone numbers, call durations, and customer addresses available on the deep web. For local data protection experts, once information has been leaked, there’s not much to do but advise users about risk mitigation of fraudulent identity usage.


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Denise Debiasi

Managing Director

São Paulo, Brazil