Publication | ThinkSet, issue 3

China’s Plans and the Unknown Global Impact

Ben Yeung and Stuart Witchell

Winter 2017

Growing influence, shifting signals, competing demands 

China’s intention of a more powerful, independent role on the world stage is taking shape. Yet the country’s leaders also have to balance multiple priorities, from fine-tuning the massive domestic economy to defining more clearly the roles that will be played by private companies. There are also social issues including feeding its people, improving its energy supply and reducing pollution. 

The October 2017 Party Congress cemented key central Politburo roles for the next five years and indicate some subtleties of the national agenda. 

How these interests progress will offer insights on Chinese local, national and global priorities. Support for the president and a unified mission was no surprise, though Beijing’s official language reflects a fervor not seen for decades. 

Clues emerged from the retirements and selections of officials who gained in rank or lost stature. Events at the Communist Party Congress make careers and set events in motion that can take a decade to materialize. 

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