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Who's Who Legal: Consulting Experts 2021

Fall 2021

BRG professionals have achieved forty-seven rankings across all eight subcategories of Who’s Who Legal’s Consulting Experts 2021 guide.

For Asset Recovery, Ben Johnson is ranked.

For Competition Economics, eleven experts are ranked: Kevin Christensen, David Eisenstadt, Henry Kahwaty, David Kaplan, James Langenfeld, Shireen Meer, David Scheffman, David Teece, Cleve Tyler, Frederick Warren-Boulton, and Greg Harman.

For Construction (Quantum, Delay & Technical), twelve experts are ranked: Mauricio Boynard, Terry Yeager, Craig Gibson, Zane Hedge, Michael Kenyon, Richard Fultineer, John Jerz, Ben Nolan, Anamaria Popescu, Philip Urwin, Jas Cheema, and Seamus O’Doherty.

For Corporate Tax, Richard Boulton is ranked.

For Digital Forensics, Michael Bandemer and David Kalat are ranked.

For Forensic Accounting, four experts are ranked: Mustafa Hadi, Richard Boulton, Ben Johnson, and Anastasia Malyugina.

For Quantum of Damages, thirteen experts are ranked: Daniela Bambaci, Mustafa Hadi, Michael Kenyon, Andrea Cardani, Santiago Dellepiane, Bala Dharan, Christopher Goncalves, Ben Nolan, David Teece, Richard Boulton, Greg Harman, Anastasia Malyugina, and Daniel Ryan.