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BRG Deploys RelativityOne for Cloud-Based eDiscovery

January 24, 2018

Berkeley Research Group, a leading global strategic advisory and expert consulting firm, today announced that it has partnered with Relativity to offer its full suite of on-premises and cloud-based eDiscovery software solutions. The new partnership puts BRG at the front line for cloud-based eDiscovery by offering RelativityOne, Relativity’s complete SaaS product built on the Microsoft Azure cloud. RelativityOne combines the end-to-end capabilities of the Relativity platform with the elasticity, scalability and security of the Microsoft Azure cloud, giving BRG significant efficiency and performance advantages when providing eDiscovery solutions.

BRG’s forensic technology professionals advise clients on minimizing risks and maximizing advantages of operating in a technology-reliant economy, using cutting-edge tools and a client-centered consultative approach.

“Partnering with RelativityOne means that we will always have the latest, most up-to-date software from a service, functionality and security standpoint, running on a vast global infrastructure with few, if any, peers when it comes to capacity, performance, resiliency and security,” said BRG Managing Director Michael Bandemer. “When you combine these resources with the range and depth of the experience and abilities of our client-service professionals, even the most demanding eDiscovery challenges don’t stand a chance.”

“We’re excited to welcome BRG as a RelativityOne partner,” said George Orr, vice president of customer success at Relativity. “By providing one secure, comprehensive SaaS product, BRG can focus on building its own unique solutions and service offerings on top of a single platform, helping its clients across the globe find the truth faster.”


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