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Labor and Employment Expert Dr. Chester Hanvey Publishes Definitive New Guide to Wage and Hour Legal Compliance

May 7, 2018

Dr. Chester Hanvey, an associate director with BRG, has published his latest book, Wage and Hour Law: Guide to Methods and Analysis. Dr. Hanvey is among the most highly regarded experts in the labor and employment field and has provided consulting services and expert testimony to over 100 organizations across a range of industries.

Wage and hour legal compliance is impacted by numerous sources, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, state and local laws, guidance from government enforcement agencies and court decisions. Yet existing academic literature covering these issues is relatively sparse. Dr. Hanvey’s new book serves as a comprehensive reference guide on the methods and analyses to evaluate wage and hour legal issues.

Wage and Hour Law is intended to provide an authoritative resource for students, human resources professionals, external consultants, labor economists and experts retained in litigation. A clear and understandable overview of the legal context, along with methods for data collection and analysis to measure and evaluate compliance pertaining to commonly litigated disputes, Wage and Hour Law covers:

  • Trends in wage and hour litigation
  • Applicable data-collection methods for evaluating wage and hour compliance
  • Assessing employment status
  • Strategies to measure and prevent off-the-clock work
  • Factors that impact meal and rest break compliance
  • Stages of a class-action lawsuit
  • Statistical sampling and analyses
  • Understanding and analyzing pay equity

Elizabeth Arnold, a Director with BRG who coauthored chapters in the book about employment classification and suitable seating, said, “There isn’t another book with the level of comprehensiveness and expertise available. Wage and Hour Law is a useful resource for not only those new to the field, but also expert consultants and litigators looking to develop strategies to evaluate wage and hour law compliance. We are confident that it will act as a springboard for further research in this increasingly relevant legal area.”

Published by Springer International Publishing AG, Wage and Hour Law: Guide to Methods and Analysis is now available in print and ebook formats.

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