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Intellectual Property Expert Jeffery A. Stec, PhD, Joins Berkeley Research Group

November 28, 2017

Berkeley Research Group announced today that Jeffery A. Stec, PhD, has joined its Chicago office as a Managing Director and a leader of the firm’s Intellectual Property practice and a co-leader of its Economics and Damages community.

“We are delighted to welcome Jeff to BRG,” said BRG Chairman and Principal Executive Officer David J. Teece. “He is one of the most respected experts in the field and will add to the firm’s deep intellectual property expertise.”

Dr. Stec has worked extensively over the last 17 years in the area of intellectual property and antitrust as both an economist and a survey researcher. As an economist, Dr. Stec has conducted economic and econometric analyses to determine the value of intellectual property as well as the economic damages resulting from patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, false advertising and counterfeit claims. He has addressed economic issues such as the appropriate measurement of revenues associated with the use of the infringing IP, the portion of those revenues that can be attributed to the intellectual property and whether the apportionment can be regarded as reasonable. He has also conducted economic analyses that address the establishment of domestic industry, potential harm to public interest and the anticompetitive effects firm behavior has had in the marketplace.   

As a survey researcher, Dr. Stec has created and critically evaluated surveys both in the context of litigation and non-litigation engagements. He has developed complex sampling designs, constructed survey questionnaires and collected and analyzed survey data. He has conducted surveys that have been used to determine consumers’ perceptions and actions in the marketplace, including whether products’ names or trade dress are distinctive, confusing or generic. Dr. Stec has also examined how products are used in the marketplace and how consumers value product features.

Dr. Stec’s research work has been used by numerous clients in a multitude of industries to provide expert opinions in the areas of economics, statistics and survey research. These industries include semiconductor, computer hardware and software, handheld devices, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, consumer products, automobile, fashion, entertainment, food, mass media and financial services, among others. Dr. Stec has testified in support of his work in federal and state courts, at the International Trade Commission and in US and international arbitrations. He has also presented his work at numerous conferences, webinars, and in numerous publications. Among these publications, Dr. Stec has co-written the chapter on the use of surveys in litigation in the Litigation Services Handbook, sixth edition.

“BRG offers an exciting opportunity to continue to conduct my economic and survey research with a firm that is a leader in economic consulting with strong experience across a broad range of industries and disciplines,” said Dr. Stec.

Dr. Stec was previously a vice president at a global economic consulting firm. He has a PhD and an MA in economics from the Ohio State University. He also has a BA degree in economics with a math minor from the University of Illinois-Chicago and BA degrees in philosophy and psychology from Cornell University.

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