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Healthcare Benchmarking Programme Extends to Improve Patient Outcomes for SEHA, Abu Dhabi

November 18, 2019

The week of October 27, 2019, saw the launch of the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, SEHA’s multiyear membership and services agreement with a consortium of the Health Roundtable (HRT), Berkeley Research Group (BRG) and Potential(x). The SEHA Health System consists of 12 hospitals with 2,644 beds and is the largest healthcare network in the UAE. SEHA’s facilities accommodate 100,000 inpatients annually, conduct 41,000 surgeries and treat more than five million outpatients. This partnership will provide SEHA with the ability to compare healthcare outcomes against benchmarks from Australia and New Zealand delivered through the BRG DRIVE analytics and visualisation platform—a first in the region. 

The aim of the project is to identify and understand the causes of clinical outcome variation and aid collaboration across geographies, with a focus on improving healthcare for Abu Dhabi through both sharing of innovations and best practices. 

BRG Managing Director Kevin Hamilton said: “These are exciting times for those involved and for the future of global healthcare and improved clinical outcomes in Abu Dhabi.”

HRT’s involvement on this project means that case-mix adjustment methodology and metrics will provide comparable benchmarks that are now easily accessible and visible both through written reports and within BRG’s DRIVE platform. The platform enables visualisation of performance and outcomes in comparison to results from across Australia and New Zealand, providing appropriate benchmarks and highlighting where variation exists. 

HRT CEO and Managing Director of Potential(x) Duane Attree said: “Our partnership with SEHA will spread the wonderful innovation and performance of the Australian and New Zealand health systems to new geographies, ultimately aimed at improving health system performance and sustainability.” 

Over the week, more than 200 SEHA employees received training on the initial analyses, as well as the use of the DRIVE platform and the custom SEHA-specific tools contained within the platform. 

Feedback from SEHA trainees included: “We have waited years for something like this,” and “Access to this information is going to make a huge difference to us.” 

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