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BRG Recognized Among Top Expert Witness Firms for International Arbitration in GAR 100

Summer 2020

Global Arbitration Review ranked Berkeley Research Group (BRG) among the top four firms in the GAR 100 Expert Witness Firms’ Power Index at its annual awards ceremony, held online as part of the adapted Paris Arbitration Week.

“We are delighted to be ranked among the world’s foremost expert witness firms for international arbitration,” said Santiago Dellepiane, co-chair of BRG’s Economics & Damages community. “I’m proud of the unique position BRG occupies in this space, participating in many of the largest and most significant disputes in the world, with a strong presence and deep industry expertise in North America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Asia-Pacific; and Latin America.”

The Power Index ranks expert witness firms based on the volume and value of two years of hearings, and the reputational clout of their members, using the 2020 editions of Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration and Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders: Arbitration as the proxy for reputation. BRG experts highlighted in the United States include Dellepiane, Chairman David J. Teece, Energy & Climate Chair Christopher Goncalves and Director Andrea Cardani; in England, London Office Head Daniel Ryan and Managing Directors Richard Boulton and Greg Harman, who is also based in Johannesburg; Hong Kong Managing Director Mustafa Hadi, leader of BRG’s Disputes and International Arbitration practice in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and co-leader of the firm’s APAC region; Managing Director Daniela Bambaci, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Managing Director Michael Kenyon, a construction expert based in Dubai. GAR also noted BRG’s addition of several experts with energy arbitration expertise, including Managing Directors Peter Bird and Kenneth Grant, based in Singapore and Boston, respectively.

One lawyer noted that the powerful performance of the BRG team helped lead to one of the largest reported commercial arbitration awards: around $9 billion owed by the losing side. He said the BRG team—skilled in four disciplines—mobilized more quickly and produced a report within a tight timetable that put the other side in a position “from which they never really recovered.”

BRG also maintained its fifth-place ranking in energy, oil and gas-related hearings, with GAR noting its prominent energy work (including one claim of $1.1 billion).

In addition, regarding work related to construction disputes, GAR noted that if this chart had considered value, rather than number, BRG would have placed much higher, since many of its cases are among the largest reported.

BRG Experts

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Santiago Dellepiane

Managing Director

New York

David J. Teece

Executive Chairman

San Francisco Bay Area

Daniel Ryan

Managing Director


Richard Boulton

Managing Director


Michael Kenyon

Managing Director

Dubai, UAE

Christopher Goncalves

Managing Director

Washington, DC

Daniela Bambaci

Managing Director

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mustafa Hadi

Managing Director

Hong Kong, Singapore

Peter Bird

Managing Director

London, Singapore

Kenneth Grant

Managing Director


Greg Harman

Managing Director

London, Johannesburg