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BRG's Global Construction Team Adds Technology Advisory Services

April 26, 2019

BRG is expanding its Construction practice with expertise directed to advising clients that are committed to fulfilling technology-based investment strategies in support of their missions to lower risks and costs.

BRG’s Construction Technology Advisory Practice (CTAP) professionals possess world-class expertise in project planning, data analytics, simulation and forensics. They advise on strategies to mitigate risks and achieve measurable and sustainable positive outcomes.

CTAP engages with clients from three perspectives—strategy, management and domain expertise—to help roadmap, facilitate and assess with a balance of agility and discipline, focusing on the goals of stakeholders. This process results in broad integration with data accessibility, performance metrics and supporting requirements specifications—the ingredients for sustained ROI.

“CTAP works closely with clients to leverage existing core competencies in feasible directions, while integrating established and emerging capabilities in a strategic manner,” said Jon Berkoe, a Director in BRG’s Construction practice. “The results include measured ROI, enhanced collaboration and leaner cost and schedule performance. Measuring outcomes is a crucial component to sustaining trust in the process.”

Investment in technology-based innovation is accelerating and spreading through the construction industry, from the supply chain to owner/operators. Those who can deploy effectively the new technologies in their business models stand to gain an advantage and provide an enhanced service to their clients. However, many technology solutions and innovations applied to the CapEx environment have not been vetted sufficiently for scale, complexity, reliability and integration. This creates real and perceived risk and a corresponding tendency to delay change and resist embracing innovation.

Ben Nolan, a Managing Director in the Construction practice, said, “Metrics are crucial for the implementation of new technologies. Key indicators of a successful strategy and implementation include increased average profitability, increased bonding capacity, reduced average or specific risk exposure profile and increased average project revenue growth.”


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