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BRG Professionals Ranked Among Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts 2019

August 14, 2019

Thirty-two experts from BRG have been ranked among the top advisors in Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts 2019. The impressive count highlights BRG’s global expertise, with experts from the US, UK, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina and the UAE receiving nominations.

BRG stands out in a number of areas, including competition economics, financial advisory and valuation, construction quantum and delay, asset recovery, data and E-Discovery, and digital forensics. The firm is “top-notch” and has a particularly strong depth of expertise in quantum of damages with eleven nominations.

In Economics – Competition Economists, David Teece, Henry Kahwaty, David Kaplan, David Scheffman, and Cleve Tyler are recognized as leaders in the US. Teece “is esteemed for his impressive work and exceptional experience relating to antitrust policy and economic theory.” Shireen Meer and Kevin Christensen are recognized as future leaders in this space. 

In Financial Advisory and Valuation – Quantum of Damages, Daniela Bambaci of Argentina is recognized. Richard Boulton QC is recognized in England as a Global Elite Thought Leader who is “simply head and shoulders above others in the sector.” Heiko Ziehms, and Daniel Ryan are also recognized in England, and Ryan is an “extremely experienced quantum expert who is singled out by market commentators as ‘very strong in intellectual property valuation.’” Mustafa Hadi receives recognition in Hong Kong. In the US, Santiago Dellepiane, Bala Dharan, Christopher Goncalves, Ben Nolan and David Teece are recognized. Teece “absolutely deserves to be on the list,” and Goncalves is a “go-to name for economic analysis, particularly in complex energy and finance disputes.” Tsvetan Beloreshki and Andrea Cardani are recognized as future leaders in this space, with Cardani highlighted for his “rare combination of deep technical knowledge and outstanding professionalism.”

In Financial Advisory and Valuation – Corporate Tax Experts, Richard Boulton and Ben Johnson are recognized as leaders in England. Mustafa Hadi is recognized in Hong Kong.

In Construction – Quantum & Delay, Mauricio Boynard in Brazil, Michael Kenyon in UAE and Richard Fultineer in the US receive recognition.

In Asset Recovery Experts, Ben Johnson is recognized as a leader in England. He is also recognized in Forensic Accountants as a leader in England and “gains international recognition for his outstanding forensic accountancy work.”

In Arbitration Expert Witnesses, Heiko Ziehms is recognized for “his excellent financial and accounting expertise in commercial disputes” and described as “pragmatic, reliable and an impressive critical thinker.”

In Digital & Data – Data and E-Discovery Experts, Michael Jelen is recognized as “outstanding” and a leader in England. He “secures recommendations from peers internationally for his expertise in e-discovery and digital forensics matters.”

In Digital & Data – Digital Forensics Experts, Jelen is again recognized, along with Peggy Daley and David Kalat in the US. Jelen is “highly recommended by peers and is well acquainted with handling large and complex data analysis.” Daley is “renowned for her first-class data analytics practice that encompasses the spectrum of matters from investigations to litigation.” Kalat is an “extremely knowledgeable and diligent forensic expert who is highly sought after by clients.”


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