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BRG Develops Cybersecurity Preparedness Benchmarking Study

July 9, 2015

BRG announced today that it will launch a Cybersecurity Preparedness Benchmarking (CSP) study on September 1. BRG Director Faisal Amin, working with BRG’s Technology Advisory Practice, will lead the study, which will offer participants an opportunity to gauge their company’s security performance and readiness in the case of a cybersecurity breach.

“BRG is well positioned to team with organizations to identify, understand, and adapt dynamic capabilities to improve performance,” said BRG Executive Director and Chief Revenue Officer Philip Y. Rowley. “We are pleased that Faisal, who has extensive experience uncovering rich data and converting it into powerful actionable insights, is leading this initiative.”

“CSOs and CISOs have had difficulty measuring and communicating the effectiveness of their security and compliance investments,” said Amin. “The CSP study offers a solution to this challenge.”

The CSP study will deliver security performance metrics, scorecards, and benchmarks to survey respondents and enable them to build a security performance management program based on objective, fact-based metrics, as well as compare how their security programs measure against internal organizational goals, approved risk-management profiles, industry peers, and best-practice companies. The initial study sponsors will finalize the timeline for the study, which will last approximately three to four months. BRG anticipates that a broad range of industries will be represented in the study.

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