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BRG Partners with Chainalysis to Provide Enhanced Cryptocurrency-Related Investigative Capabilities and Litigation Support

May 3, 2022

BRG today announced an investigative partner agreement between its Cyber Operations and Incident Response team and the blockchain data platform Chainalysis. The agreement provides clients of both companies expanded access to market-leading tools, data and experts who have extensive experience in investigating cryptocurrency-related activities.

“Our agreement with Chainalysis ensures BRG’s clients not only have access to our deep technical understanding of cryptocurrency and expertise in navigating the legal system, but also will benefit from our deeper integration with Chainalysis’ data, tools and training services,” said Christopher Tarbell, a former FBI Special Agent and leader of BRG’s Cyber Operations team. “Our partnership also ensures BRG’s experts will be certified in the latest cryptocurrency investigative techniques as cryptocurrency-related litigation continues to increase.”

Chainalysis and BRG each has an extensive background of successfully assisting law enforcement in some of the world’s most renowned cases. BRG’s experts led the initial investigation and takedown of the $1.2 billion underground market Silk Road and the arrest of its founder, Ross Ulbricht. They have spearheaded some of the most complex cyber cases ever pursued and have responded to and investigated over 600 cyber attacks against organizations across a range of industries. Chainalysis’ groundbreaking technology has allowed law enforcement to identify and pursue numerous individuals involved with Silk Road and other darknet markets, as well as successful investigations into hacks, ransomware, child abuse and money-laundering operations. Their combined experience investigating, characterizing and containing complex cyber incidents across a range of initiatives has helped secure the cryptocurrency landscape and exemplify the transparency and traceability of blockchain transactions.

“Chainalysis’ partnership with BRG’s Cyber Operations team will offer advanced tools, capabilities and training to customers globally, further helping government agencies investigate illicit activity and help grow trust in the cryptocurrency industry,” said Gurvais Grigg, Public Sector CTO for Chainalysis and former Assistant Director for the FBI Laboratory, one of the largest and most respected crime labs in the world. “As digital assets continue to see further adoption, the ability to understand and execute investigations utilizing crypto is of the utmost importance.”


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