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BRG Appoints Leading Behavioural Risk Expert

May 21, 2015

Berkeley Research Group today announces that Dr Roger Miles, a leading specialist researcher and lecturer in behavioural risk, is joining the firm’s International Financial Services advisory practice.

Over more than 25 years, Miles has counselled public and private sector organisations at board level on risk perception, regulatory design, trust and governance. His research has informed the development of new tools for analysing and mitigating behavioural risk in financial markets. His recent commissions have included introducing intuitive ‘risk-aware working’ practices in a global law firm, a major UK asset manager, a leading university and a large public-sector employer.

Miles formerly served two terms as director and communications lead for the BBA in London, UK rapporteur at the Federation Bancaire in Brussels and head of risk communications in a ministerial department of HM Government. Miles has enjoyed a long association with public resilience projects, lecturing on risk communications at, among others, UK Defence Academy, Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College and Cass Business School.

Miles’ work with collegial risk groups includes Whitehall’s Collaborative Strategies, the Hazards and Risk unit at King’s College London, Global Uncertainties at Cambridge, Behavioural Economics at LSE and Resilience UK at Cranfield. His research was published most recently in Operational Risk: New Frontiers (Risk Books) and the “Risk Culture” series (Thomson Reuters). His behavioural insights also feature in Watching the English and the Financial Times’ Operational Risk Handbook.

Ray Nulty, a managing director in BRG’s International Financial Services advisory practice, said, “We established our practice to help the financial services industry recover from one of its bleakest periods and face the new regulatory reality and corporate social environments.

“We are delighted that Roger, a pioneer of financial services behavioural economics, has joined BRG. Roger’s work is grounded in detailed analysis and he knows how to create the behavioural controls needed to meet new stringent regulation.”

Commenting on his appointment, Miles said, “I am delighted to be joining BRG, a firm with a unique blend of technical and sector expertise backed by rigorous academic insight and research. There’s a distinctive BRG way of engaging—dynamic, innovative and collegial. This clearly supports the firm’s success to date and I’m looking forward to extending that.”


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