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BRG and WebPort Global Team to Create New Paradigm in International Trade for Banks and Their Customers

February 24, 2015

Berkeley Research Group and WebPort Global, a subsidiary of the Drew Company of Boston, announced a strategic teaming agreement today that opens the way to create a comprehensive service offering to international trading firms through a global network of regional banks.

BRG and WebPort Global, in collaboration with major government agencies, leading trade organizations and best-in-class international trade-service providers, have teamed to provide transformational advice to banks and their customers. The services offered develop a new paradigm through a proactive digital and advisory trade platform that aggregates expertise and market data, provides access to public and private marketplaces, delivers data analytics to assess new market opportunities and manages trade and financial risk.

Maureen Pace, president of WebPort Global, said, “We’ve teamed with BRG for their reputation, knowledge, and expertise in the banking industry. By improving access to international trade, we help the economy and governments around the world that wish to expand international trade. We also assist small businesses in realising their international trade ambitions and growth. In a recent survey conducted by UKTI, 85 percent of companies surveyed said exporting led to a level of growth not otherwise possible.* We look forward to working with BRG to change and enhance the way companies conduct international trade.”

“Two-thirds of firms (64 percent) have been put off from entering an overseas market due to the risks involved. The risk of not being paid (in full or on time) is the most significant deterrent to overseas expansion. Lack of contacts is also a significant deterrent, with over a third of firms deciding against entering a particular market for this reason.”** The benefits of this service to SMEs will mean a reduction in risk and an improvement in efficiency through provision of a single source for more leads, opportunities, finance and information.

Banks will enhance their relationships with commercial customers, providing them with greater value and benefits. This will give them greater insight into their customers’ businesses, improved trade-support capabilities, and better sales and underwriting productivity. Furthermore, it will help banks meet specific government regulations to enable economic growth by providing greater support to the SME sector.

John Drew, founder of the Drew Company, said, “I am delighted to work with BRG. By offering this service through a network of regional banks internationally, our vision of a truly collaborative, secure environment, with trusted and vetted commercial firms in which to safely trade, takes WebPort Global to a new dimension.”

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** Internationalisation Strategies, Barriers & Awareness Survey 2014, UK Trade and Investment, August