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BRG Adds Financial Institution Advisory Team

December 3, 2019

BRG announced today that it has continued to expand its financial services expertise with the addition of Managing Directors Michael Canale, John DelPonti, Paul Noring and Joseph Sergienko.

“We are thrilled to have this impressive team join the firm,” said BRG Chairman and Principal Executive Officer David J. Teece. “They are focused on the future of banking and consumer finance while bringing strategic vision and leveraging best-in-class technology to meet our clients’ business needs.”

BRG’s Financial Institution Advisory practice specializes in helping commercial banks, consumer finance companies, credit unions, mortgage banks, capital market participants and insurance companies solve pressing business issues. The group brings a mix of functional experts—including CPAs, CFAs, CROs, CRCMs, FRMs, PhDs, former regulators, data scientists, financial modelers, technologists, former bankers and longtime consultants—to address immediate risks and drive tangible benefits.

“Sophisticated technology has widely disrupted the financial services sector, and firms that recognize and embrace the most advanced and innovative solutions will continue to have an advantage over slower adopters,” said BRG President Tri MacDonald. “Our new team has a unique perspective on clients’ needs for innovation, helping them identify solutions that will have the most beneficial impact in their business.”

Canale, based in New York, has nearly 20 years of experience and has led operations, asset management, compliance and technology engagements. He also has experience in bankruptcy and restructuring; he was previously part of an executive team that led the wind-down for one of the largest mortgage bankruptcies in US history. His recent accomplishments include leading operational transformation for a top 100 bank, managing third-party oversight and compliance for a top private equity firm, and serving as the independent consultant in consent orders issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He has been a driving force in helping create custom technology solutions for top global banks and helping diverse clients overhaul operations to meet regulatory and shareholder expectations.

DelPonti, based in Washington, DC, has more than 33 years of experience in financial services. He was a managing director in the banking, insurance, and capital markets group of an international management consulting firm for nine years before joining BRG. He also served as chief executive officer of a mortgage originator and servicer, chief risk officer of a $30 billion thrift company and a partner in the consumer finance and banking practice of a Big Four firm.

Noring, based in Washington, DC, has over 32 years of banking, consumer finance and capital markets expertise. Before joining BRG, he led the banking, insurance and capital markets practice at an international management consulting firm; was a senior officer at Fannie Mae; and was a partner at a Big Four firm. He has deep end-to-end mortgage and consumer finance experience. He is also an expert in large global bank financial reporting and operations. Most recently, he has been focused on LIBOR transition efforts and due diligence and vendor oversight engagements.

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