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BRG Collaborates with Baylor Law to Provide AI/ML Content

September 17, 2020

Courses in Nation’s First Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management Program

Craig Freeman and Rich Finkelman, the leaders of BRG’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning practice, are providing AI and ML content for LL.M. candidates as part of the Baylor Law Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management program, the first such degree program in the United States.

Baylor Law’s Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management is designed exclusively for lawyers who direct effective litigation strategy, control electronic discovery, leverage technology, manage a team and lead their company or firm’s efforts to manage complex litigation or other high-stakes or high-volume dockets. BRG is providing content for the classes “Future Technology Trends in Litigation Management” and “Ethics in Litigation Management.”

“BRG’s AI and ML practice focuses on the application and use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in disputes, compliance and legal business management settings,” said Freeman, a Washington, D.C.-based managing director. “We are excited to share this expertise with lawyers who will be at the forefront in what promises to be a critical tool in managing litigation effectively.”

“Legal research, contract review and creation, due diligence, compliance and litigation have all been impacted and enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology,” said Baylor Law’s Jim Wren, co-director of its Executive LL.M in Litigation Management. “We’re delighted to have expert practitioners such as Craig and Rich share their knowledge in this context and help our candidates become leaders in their fields.”

BRG’s AI and ML practice builds solutions that help people organize, manage and work through large amounts of data in new and efficient ways, combining the use of advanced technologies with data science about particular issues to create custom solutions for clients. The team comprises data scientists, data management specialists, eDiscovery experts and senior leaders with decades of experience working with dispute and compliance technologies. Many members of the team have advanced degrees, including people with doctorates in machine learning, masters degrees in statistics and econometrics and other data science fields.

“Although many people still see the use of AI and ML as being at an early stage of technology adoption, we believe that these technologies quickly will become standards,” said Finkelman, a Washington D.C.-based managing director. “We also believe the issue of using these technologies ultimately will lead to courtroom battles over the quality, care and ethics of AI and ML.”

BRG developed this distance-learning content, which includes coursework from video lectures, AI and ML litigation research, and project assignments in BRG’s AI Lab, an online platform where students can study AI and machine learning using real applications against real litigation data. The sessions also will include interviews with BRG President Tri MacDonald and experts Allen Jacobs and David Abshier, managing directors in Dallas and Los Angeles, respectively.

Watch The Future of Litigation Management, in which Freeman and Finkelman discuss their course on AI and ML in the context of litigation management.

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