The Evolving Standards for Antitrust Class Certification: Exploring Unresolved Issues


February 9, 2022

The past year has brought significant developments in the antitrust class action context, leaving questions and issues over the certification process standards. Aside from the litigation challenges caused by the shifting rules, US courts also are reinforcing their probe of proposed classes, making it increasingly difficult to obtain early class decisions.

Judicial decisions in recent years have increased the requirements for antitrust appeals. Thus, litigators must be in the loop of emerging trends and considerations to cut off the expense and burden in litigating alleged classes.

Stefan Boedeker joined a panel of key thought leaders and practitioners to discuss the evolving standards in antitrust class certification and significant issues surrounding this area of law.

Topics covered in this course included:

  • Recent antitrust class certifications
  • Notable court decisions
  • Significant developments
  • Litigation trends and strategies
  • Emerging issues and challenges

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