TCPA: Take Me Off Your !!%@ Calling List!


April 24, 2019

Consent under the TCPA: It’s not simply “yes” or “no.”

Consent is one of the most important concepts under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Company-threatening liabilities often hinge on whether and how a caller obtained and documented consent.

This webinar unpacked a seemingly simple concept and explored how it ranges across multiple issues, including class-certification standards, burdens of proof, damages, and indemnification from third parties. We also explored solutions available for documenting consent and using this documentation to help defeat TCPA lawsuits.

Topics included:

  • State of consent law in key jurisdictions, including recent wrong-number cases
  • Documenting consent of customers
  • Documenting consent from purchased lead lists
  • Best practices for beating class certification
  • Potential compliance solutions

Speakers included David Kalat of BRG; William (Bill) Dolan of Jones Day; and Reid Houser of Sitel Group.

Listen to the event recording.

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