South America Energy Series 2021


April 28 - 30, 2021

Powering the Energy Transition in South America

As the march toward full decarbonization, digitization, and decentralization continues, what do regional leaders see as the energy trends to watch out for this year, and where and what are they investing in?

On April 28, Andrés Chambouleyron moderated the panel “CEO Outlook: Powering the Energy Transition.” Panelists discussed the progress towards full decarbonization, digitization and decentralisation; what regional leaders will watch out for this year; and where and in what regional leaders are investing.

On April 29, Roberto Ferreira da Cunha moderated the panel “The Critical Role of Gas: Monetisation and Commercialisation.” Panelists discussed what countries with major gas reserves, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru, are doing to expedite the monetisation of reserves given the increasing risks of an accelerated transition leading to stranded assets.

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Related Professionals

Andrés Chambouleyron

Managing Director


Roberto Ferreira Da Cunha


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil