Primavera Scheduling Basics: A Survival Guide for Attorneys

Denver, Colorado

May 23, 2017

Anamaria Popescu discussed topics including: 

  • The Expert Witness Specializing in Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis: Key Attributes to Consider in the Selection Process
  • Contractual Clauses that Affect Delay Entitlement Outcomes
  • Helping Your Client Develop a Sound Schedule
  • The Contractual Importance of a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Schedule Classification System and Level Definition
  • Key Elements of a Schedule: Logic, Duration, Calendars, Activity Description, Constraints, Resources
  • Critical Path Calculation “Workshop” for Non-Schedulers
  • Tracing the Critical Path in Primavera
  • Questions an Attorney Should Ask to Determine Schedule Integrity
  • Expert Witness Typical Manipulations to a Schedule
  • Proactive Schedule Analysis: Variance Analysis vs. TIA
  • Key Takeaways to Consider When Reviewing Your Client’s Delay Claims

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Anamaria Popescu

Managing Director