Medical Practice Excellence: Pathways Conference


May 11-13, 2021

Laura Jacquin and Peter Altschuler presented a session on “Patient Access: Re-‘AI’magined.”

Patient access changed dramatically post-COVID-19 and continues to evolve. The pandemic showed how technology and flexible models are critical to sustaining patient access. It also exposed the gaps that many medical groups must overcome to embrace those technologies and maximize resources. Scheduling, in particular, presents real opportunities for meaningful, long-term improvement.

This presentation provided insights into how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can streamline scheduling practices in the future and recommendations on successfully embedding those technologies in operations to improve access. The presenters discussed the operational requirements to successfully deploy AI, including optimized processes and aligned physicians and staff. Presenters also shared how medical groups can optimize scheduling and access today, and lay the foundation for AI in the future, by using advanced analytics to pinpoint provider practice patterns and patient behavior.

Topics included:

  • Traditional barriers to patient access and scheduling and lessons learned from increased virtual visits
  • How advanced analytics and AI can be used in patient scheduling
  • Collecting institutional memory from legacy front-desk reception staff and schedulers to address needs of high-cost patients

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