Mathematical Modelling Workshop

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

October 18, 2017

BRG professionals led an all-day workshop for the Job Creation Commission. Larry Fallin moderated the workshop and discussed “Asking the Right Question to Enable EBTIID Policy.” Andreas Groehn spoke on the “Uniqueness of the Saudi Labor Economy(s).” Dante Quaglione presented on “Modular Eco-systemic Model of the Labor Market.” Drs. Groehn and Quaglione also participated in two panel sessions: “Different Types of Models and Trade-off between Transparency and Breadth of the Model” and “Computational Labor Economy Unit: Individual and Organizational Capabilities Conclusion and Implications for Policy Makers.”

Attendance was by invitation from the Minister of Economy and Planning and included senior members from various Ministries and agencies, major international and local universities, and the consulting industry.


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Larry Fallin

Managing Director

San Francisco Bay Area

Andreas Groehn

Managing Director

Washington, DC, London

Dante Quaglione

Managing Director