Global White Collar Crime Institute

São Paulo, Brazil

June 7-8, 2017

Frank Holder took part in the panel “Trends Regarding Global Anti-Corruption Enforcement.” Panelists reviewed recent trends arising from the enforcement of anti-corruption laws by various governments around the world.

Collaboration among many countries has resulted in significant investigations and resolutions, including joint monitorships. Although the US historically originated most anti-corruption cases, matters are now also arising from aggressive enforcement by other countries. The World Bank’s authority to refer investigative findings to national authorities without waiving its privileges and immunities has contributed to the heightened enforcement efforts by these other governments. Compliance programs and their elements have continued to play a key role in how matters are handled by the defense and resolved by governments in varying degrees.

The panel examined some of these elements, including the role of whistleblowers, confidential leaks, and due diligence.

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Frank L. Holder

Managing Director