The Convergence of FinTech and Banking


October 23, 2020

Brian Brooks, acting Comptroller of the Currency, was interviewed by Walt Mix, a managing director and head of the Financial Services practice at BRG. We also featured a multidisciplinary panel of BRG experts who discussed current issues related to FinTech and COVID-19 for the financial services industry.

Topics included:

  • Key drivers of the convergence of FinTech and banking
  • Current safety and soundness issues and the CARES Act: benchmarks to watch
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • FinCEN update: recent events regarding suspicious activity reports and the potential effect on financial institutions
  • Investigations and strategic intelligence

Speakers included Mr. Mix, Mr. Brooks, and BRG’s David Abshier and Paul Noring.

Listen to the event recording. Recording password is Brg2020!

BRG Experts

Related Professionals

Walter J. Mix III

Managing Director

Los Angeles, Downtown, New York

David Abshier

Managing Director

Los Angeles, Downtown

Paul Noring

Managing Director

Washington, DC